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Our Services

Our services can be majorly divided into two: Marketing Planning and Marketing Data.

Marketing Planning: This entails development of business plans, marketing strategies, product/service launch plan, media planning, PR, logo, brand essence development.
Our objective is to aid the creation of a seamless and profitable interaction with your consumers from Awareness – Purchase – Retention.

Our services encompass customized business strategy and organizational development initiatives.
Marketing planning provides uniquely powerful, innovative and practical solutions to help companies successfully address their growth challenges.

Marketing Data: This entails comprehensive market data and analysis  through tools such as market surveys, targeted market research (Usage & Attitude survey, Consumer Behaviour Studies and Focus groups, etc), feasibility studies.

Brentt consulting strive to combine extensive desk and field research, ensuring clients get the most accurate and reliable local marketing data coupled with world-class analysis. Our disciplined research empowers your team with the knowledge to make intelligent decisions and our practices ensures that execution is creative, cost-effective and efficient.

With all our clients, we keep our word: THE BRENTT PROMISE

  • Creative and Measurable Results
  • World-Class Marketing solutions
  • Fast & Efficient Client Service
  • Tailored Business Consulting & Analysis
  • Increased Efficiency & Effectiveness
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