What we do

Providing market data to power Nigeria’s businesses

If you’re looking at a market potential or a product opportunity and thinking, if only you could get your hands on robust data & analytics you’d be well on your way – we’ve got you covered! Our team of business experts, fieldwork gurus, & big data geeks do all the leg work so you can focus on positioning your strategies for success.

Not only do we have a nifty field team nimble enough to glean information from all milieus of Nigerian life, our analysts think about the real-life application of data and ensure that all information presented is useful and relevant.

We are able to do this consistently because of our various in-house capabilities.


Leveraging market knowledge & technical know-how.

Nationwide Fieldwork Team
Our experienced fieldwork researchers are obsessed with attention to detail and are most comfortable when talking to people – off or online. Whether quantitative or qualitative research, in Lagos or in Taraba, in an open market or in a boardroom, our field researchers are expertly trained to organize and collect usable data.
Locally Relevant Analysis
Understanding the nuances of culture and language can make all the difference when it comes to research. We utilize a 360o approach to analysis, ensuring that context is appropriately weighted to capture the true essence of each data set. This approach combined with world class analytic tools creates the unrivalled accuracy that we are known for.
Research Technology
We are committed to using the latest global research technology to improve efficiency & cost competitiveness. From social media technology to web-enabled survey tools, we are at the forefront of moving research in Nigeria closer to global standards – with outstanding results!


Accessible, Concise, & Reliable
All of our research start with an in-depth review and benchmarking against global best practices. Explore some of our baseline and exploratory studies illuminating various industries and customer behaviour or commission bespoke research that is targeted to your specific strategic needs. Everything you want to know about Nigeria is now at your fingertips.

Our Clients

Our clients trust BRENTT for reliable & accurate research & data analysis and we're proud to continue our heritage of world-class service.

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