About Us

Accurate local market data to power Nigeria’s businesses

We are team of local champions/market research geeks tired of non-existent and frankly horrible data about Nigerian consumers & Nigeria’s industries, and determined to bring accurate and reliable local market intelligence to all who need it – private, public, or consumer.

We believe the path to real growth and development is to first understand the true nature of the consumer/producer marketplace and what people think, feel, and do. We are passionate about illuminating the path for better (and less risky!) business decision making.

The Brentt Approach

Reliable. Accurate. Relevant.

Sitting down at a local shed with okada drivers to talk about how their work? Wading through tall grass to get to a remote cocoa farm? Sipping a latte with a high net-worth individual at Alara? Enjoying a deep hug from a garri seller in the open market? Our field researchers are trained to glean information and data from any scenario, and our analysts understand the nuances in language and culture – ensuring we provide the most accurate and relevant data in all instances.

Whether primary or secondary research, we verify and analyse all our intelligence through our unique 360o approach which brings together many sources of information which are then collaborated by industry practitioners and key experts.

Commitment to Innovation

World class research means using world class research technology. No excuses. That’s why at BRENTT we have pioneered the use of CATI, CAWI, & CAPI – the big three computer aided research platforms, the use of tablets and other mobile technology, SMS surveys, social media analytics software, & other emerging research technology. These technologies increase data accuracy, improve analysis, and enable us to reliably supply data accessible to everyone – online!

Our Partners

“If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together”
BRENTT is built not only on its agility but it’s ability to collaborate. We are constantly looking to work with companies to develop and produce products complimentary to the core business of both organizations. If this sounds like you, what are you waiting for? Shoot us an email at admin@brenttconsulting.com and tell us what you’re thinking. Let’s be awesome together!


Are you an awesome, kick-ass analyst?
Do you like talking to people and can talk to anyone anywhere at the drop of a hat?
Do you want to be part of an organization that will change the Nigerian business landscape?
We’re always looking for great people. If you don’t find an interesting open position below (check back often!) please send your CV, LinkedIn profile page, and statement letter to careers@brenttconsulting.com. What is a statement letter? Anything that tells us more about you and why MUST have you as part of our team!

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